Bird Of Paradise: Buy Wholesale

Wholesale Bird of Paradise

The botanical name of this beautiful exotic tropical flower is Strelitzia.  Its unusual shape and brilliant colors have made these flowers a designer’s favorite. It’s a great landscape plant as well and its unique shape resembles a brightly colored bird in flight.

The leaves on the Bird of paradise plant grow in two ranks to form a fan-like shape of foliage.  The flower and the foliage on the plant is great for architectural and modern flower designs.  The leaf blades are six inches wide and approximately 20 inches long.  The flower on the plant is the most unusual part.  Each flower is made of three or four upright orange sepals and three modified vivid blue petals.  Two of the petals are joined together resembling an arrowhead.

The Bird of paradise plants are native of South Africa but are cultivated all around the world for commercial purposes.

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