Fresh Wholesale Heliconias

The Heliconia is a flower that it is related to the family of gingers, bananas, prayer plants and Birds of Paradise. This variety of flowers is big as there are an estimated 350 species of them. The vast majority of Heliconias are found in tropical climate countries around the world, including the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands.

They are herbaceous plants that range in height from 18 inches to more than 20 feet tall.  Heliconias have paddle-like leaves and a strong heavy stem that provides strength to hold the flowers. As the leaves deteriorate, the stem collapses. The single inflorescence per growth emerges terminally, standing erectly or hanging pendently.

These varieties of flowers are very colorful to humans and to birds such as hummingbirds and insects. Heliconias have bracts that are colorful, usually in hues of red, yellow, orange and even pink or combinations of these mixed with green markings and various splashes. The bracts are smooth in some species to woody in others. They may be arranged or designed in a vertical linear manner.

Fresh Heliconias are exotic tropical flowers that create a visual impact with their color and form.

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