Fresh Wholesale Tropical Foliage Miami

Fresh Wholesale Foliage Miami: Ti Leaves

Fresh Wholesale Tropical Foliage is available from our Miami location for florists, event planners and others.

Cut tropical foliage are leaves that can be used to enhance flower arrangements. Cut tropical foliage leaves come from plants that are generally native plants which survive well after cut from their stem. Cut foliage plants also usually have a long, straight stem for flower arranging.

When used in an intelligent and creative manner fresh tropical foliage will make a big difference in your flower arrangements.  Creative flower designers use different tropical foliage to create visual impact in their work.  They do not use foliage to hide their mechanics instead they use it to create excitement and visual impact with their designs.

Some examples of Tropical Foliage are… Alocasia, Anthurium, Aralia, Areca Palm, Banana leaf, Calathea, Cordyline or Ti Leaf, Cycad, Dracena Massageana, Pandanus, Papyrus, Philodendron, Sanderiana, Song of India.

Contact us to order your fresh tropical foliage from Miami. We offer many different options for delivery, shipping or pick up from Miami.