Wholesale Succulents Miami

Succulents are unusual tropical plants that contain a wide variety of specimens with stunning colors and textures.  They have become highly popular due to their low maintenance.  Their nature is strong and can tolerate cold and hot temperatures.  They have thick leaves and stems that act as water storage tanks.  Their varieties are extensive and there are over 50 plant families that are considered succulents.  They are found in dry areas such as semi-deserts.  Some of them also can be found in wet and tropical environments.

The best known succulents are cactus plants.  These plants are found all around the world and one of the most popular ones the Echevaria variety are native from Mexico to Northern South America.  Echevarias are available in various varieties.  They all have different shapes and colors.

Succulents are strong and a beautiful product to work with in floral design for holidays, weddings and exclusive and sophisticated arrangements.  Some of the Echevaria varieties are, Colorata, Neurenberg, Zonnestraal, Setosa-Rundelli,Elegance, Derenbergi Blue Cluster, Rondo and Purpureum.

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