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Wholesale Tropical Flowers In Miami

Shipping or Pick-up

Miami Tropical Flowers is conveniently located in Miami, Florida very close to the Miami Airport.  Our location facilitates our Shipping and Pick up Services.

We have several ways of shipping your Flowers directly to your door whether they are large or smaller quantities.  Or if you prefer to pick up your Flowers our hours of operation are from 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday and from 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

All our Flowers are shipped with insulation to protect them from cold and heat.  During the winter months there will be an extra charge for additional foam insulation and if requested a double box will be used to ensure better protection of the product.


wholesale flowers shipped in boxes

Delivery for Wholesale Flowers from Miami

Federal Express is the most convenient method because it will allow delivery straight to your door.  A complete physical address is required in order to guaranty a timely delivery.  Overnight and 2 or 3 days Delivery options are available.  It is important to note that Federal Express has a  $10. Service charge for wrong address or zip code information.


Some clients prefer UPS shipping for their fresh flower delivery service. If this is your preference, we will arrange for the service. 

UPS Delivery Fresh Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flower Delivery by air cargo


Air Line Cargo Service is available when requested.  This method will work best for larger quantities.  We will ship from the Miami airport and you as the customer will be responsible for picking up the cargo at your local airport.


Within the State of Florida there is Trucking Service available upon request. This Service will bring your Flowers to your door and it will need to be arranged with advanced time.

flower delivery by truck in Florida


Contact Us Today to order your fresh tropical flowers for an event, home decor and retail flower shops at wholesale prices from Miami.